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Handicraft Fair

Creativity. Crafting. Community.

A favorite event of our community, The Handicraft Fair is a place for kids to make their creative business dreams come alive!

We gather mid-day once in December to buy and sell gorgeous and delicious items created by families in an open air market style environment.


Friends & Family are invited to join us and support the kids, too!


When is the Handicraft Fair?

Our Handicraft Fair usually takes place on the first Friday of December each year.

What Can I expect to see at the Handicraft Fair?

You will see families interacting, playing, buying, selling, supporting, conversing, and have a great time together supporting the creative endeavors of children.

Each family creates a booth/table and sell whatever goodies they can think up. Children use their earned money to do some of their own Christmas shopping, too. This is something they absolutely love--as they usually cannot shop "on their own" for sweet treasures to give to their favorite people.

You will also see high-quality items. Gifts that are suitable for YOU to give to friends, family members, or even a co-worker.

Prepare to be touched and encouraged at seeing what children can do!

Types of items you might see include:

  • baked goods

  • candles

  • candle holders

  • cards, artwork,

  • face paint

  • hair bows, bracelets, rings, necklaces

  • plants, flowers, wreaths

  • ornaments of many kinds including: pine cone ornaments, pom pom ornaments, yarn ornaments

  • knitted & sewn items: bags, hats, scarves, sock bunnies, garland

  • wooden signs, wooden toys, wooden cutting board, wooden candle stands

Who is welcome at the Handicraft Fair?

All family and friends are welcome to join us on this special day! We welcome the support of special guests. We do ask that you register for the event, though----it's a safety measure. :)

How much should I expect to spend at  the Handicraft Fair?

Shoppers should plan to spend on average of $2-$5 dollars per item, though we have seen smaller items like book marks as low as 50 cents; we have also seen larger items, such as handcrafted wooden decor or hiking sticks, and hand sewn bags for as much as $15-$20 per item. Do not be deterred, these items are high quality and often get sold with the intent of being given as gorgeous, legitimate gifts. 


Crafters will spend however much they desire to spend on their projects. Some projects are entirely made of nature items, or things that you already have at home. Other projects require supplies and materials. The spending budget is entirely up to you!

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