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2024 Refresh Campaign

We are currently running a donation campaign for a new playground at FCC and to paint and update the last two classrooms at EBC!


The playground structure at FCC is over 25 years old. It has been mended and reinforced countless times and now is in its last days. A replacement structure and additional playground mulch are much needed for students ages preschool through high school use this area all year long.

Last summer we conducting some MAJOR service projects at both of our most-frequented host locations. (You can see the summary of all that we did below.) There are two remaining classrooms at EBC that need to be painted, need lighting, outlets, switches, and cabinet hardware upgrades. We would also like to update the window coverings. These rooms are used weekly by the church and by our group during the class program week--so any support will benefit over 50 families!


Please consider donating—or gathering donations from friends/family/or community—so that we can replace the play structure with a solid, sturdy new one and paint and update the nursery and K-2 room at EBC. Our goal for both projects is $3000.

All Good Things is a 501(c)(3) organization.

All donations are entirely tax-deductible.

Opportunities to serve are July 22, 30, August 8, 9.

Find them on our calendar!

We are so grateful for your support!

Donate to The Refresh Campaign Now

Help us make a difference.


Thank you for your donation!


2023 THANK YOU!!

All Good Things activities and events occur in many locations...but two local churches shine above the rest as locations of warm and welcoming hospitality. This summer we put forth a HUGE effort to bless and upgrade these locations.


Together we: 

  • gathered and installed TWO brand new 5-ton air conditioning units,

  • converted over 60 lights to energy efficient fixtures,

  • installed over 1100 square feet of carpet,

  • painted over 3700 square feet of walls and ceilings,

  • upgraded furniture in 3 classrooms and a storage closet,

  • updated cabinet hardware,

  • provided and updated switches and sockets,

  • installed outdoor security lighting and cameras,

  • trimmed and mulched 6 large trees,

  • weeded over 250 square feet of space,

  • planted over 100 succulents,

  • irrigated over 900 square feet of landscaping,

  • added 4 inches of playground mulch to two separate playgrounds,

  • installed an outdoor, full-size, adjustable basketball hoop,

  • upgraded electrical systems to support the a/c units,

  • replaced one broken toilet,

  • updated two multi-stall student bathrooms,

  • installed outlets in classrooms that did not have any,

  • hauled away 3 square yards of debris, trash, and old items,

  • purchased and installed 4 new full size magnetic whiteboards,

  • purchased and installed 10 new bulletin boards,

  • gathered many additional classroom and cleaning supplies for both locations,

  • gathered and finished 5 new picnic tables, and

  • cleaned (and re-cleaned) 5, 500 square feet of rooms and hallways!


Phew! What a task! and WOOOOOO! What a joy it is to be able to compile this list and be a part of a community that accomplished so much service this summer! Together, we are provided ALL GOOD THINGS to hundreds of people. You are incredible!

Check out the photos below!

You can still donate, if you'd like. We have a few more furniture needs. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.


Summer Sparkle Service Projects 2023
Photo Gallery Review

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