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Handicraft Fair

Creativity. Crafting. Community.

A favorite event of our community, The Handicraft Fair is a place for kids to make their creative business dreams come alive!

We will gather to buy and sell gorgeous and delicious items created by families in an open air market style environment.

Join us on

December 8th

in Fallbrook, CA


Friends & Family are invited to come support the kids, too!


We encourage you to invite your family and friends to stop by and support the kids!

Share this invitation with them!

Download Our Invitation Here:

And here is info for our artisan-crafter-sellers!

NEW THIS YEAR: an interactive craft sign-up in file AND upon sign-up.

Download Artisan Info Here:

What Can I expect to see at the Handicraft Fair?

  • baked goods

  • beaded items

  • bows

  • bread

  • candles

  • candle holders

  • cards

  • cookies

  • custom artwork

  • dish towels--nature printed

  • driftwood mobiles

  • face paint

  • hair bows

  • jewelry

  • macadamia nuts

  • mini sourdough bread

  • mini succulent pots

  • ornaments

  • pine cone ornaments

  • pom pom ornaments

  • pom pom garland

  • rice sock heating pads

  • wooden signs

  • yarn ornaments

Who is welcome at the Handicraft Fair?

All family and friends are welcome to join us on this special day! We welcome the support of special guests. In fact, we encourage you to invite your family, friends and friendly neighbors. We do ask that everyone registers for the event, though--it's a safety measure. :)

What Should We Make?

If you can make it, then it is possible. Some ideas include: lunch items, treat items, snack items, toys, ornaments, jewelry, slime, Lego-inspired ideas, woven items, drawn items, homegrown items, DIY kits, sewn items...the list goes on and on. We ask only that items remain respectful and honorable to our community and our God. If you have questions or need more help, feel free to send an email to Brooke by clicking here.

What About Parking?

One of the blessings of this year's location is that there is ample parking, paved, level, and very close to the field where we will set up our Handicraft Fair.

What About Bathrooms?

Another great blessing provided by our host location is that we will have access to bathrooms with multiple stalls and sinks. A potty run should not be a problem!

Can I bring a Crock Pot to Sell Warm Food for Lunch?

YES! This year, we have a few places where you can "plug in." You MUST contact Brooke ahead of time to coordinate this for your booth. You can email here.

What Does This Event Cost?

That depends. You really can get involved and creative without spending much money at all. For example, your child might want to sell fruit and veggies from your home garden. The cost here is nil. Bring a basket or two of fruit with a hand made sign and your child can participate in a very low-key-low cost manner. Perhaps he will add some lemonade made from fresh squeezed, homegrown lemons. Now the cost (and the workload/parental involvement) goes up just a bit--you may need to buy ice and cups, and he will need help making transporting the lemonade.

Obviously, the cost and the parental involvement will change according to the child's age and independence levels, as well as the type of project he or she chooses. If you have a lot of littles, OR if this is your first time, we recommend doing a single type of project together. A great place for starting out is with food or drink.

Some families choose to supplement their children's business with funds or to give them some spending money. Others take a careful cost analysis and use this oportunity to teach business and finance skills through a budget or net profit. Again this is diffrent at veryage and stage and for each family. But you can see how this event is truly a dynamic learning experience.

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